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The Disruption Zone – Ep 4: Acclaimed Actress and Author, Elle Russ on the Paleo Diet

As we further explore ideas and concepts that shatter conventional wisdom, challenge the status quo and bring about real solutions to complex challenges, we delve into the world of nutrition.

Perhaps no other issue of of our modern era has more significant effects on our daily quality of life and longevity than this issue of nutrition and it’s connection with the modern health care system.

The problem is, there is no nexus. The modern medical care system rarely intersects with nutrition – at least with the areas where nutrition really matters.

Have you ever stopped to thing why America is so fat? There’s a misconception that it’s because “fat people over eat.” The truth is much more nuanced than that, and the facts take us down a rabbit hole of discovery at the end of which lies the possible cure to the vast majority of chronic illness facing modern America.

If you are ready to feel better, look better and be healthier, you should listen to this podcast in which Cameron Mills and I speak with acclaimed actress and author Elle Russ from The Primal Blueprint. You’ll be amazed at how simple, yet largely unknown the pathway to better health, longer life and looking better really is.

Listen to the podcast and then check out the following sites for more in depth information:

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Elle Russ 

The Primal Blueprint Podcast

Check out Elle’s ongoing Women’s Empowerment Project “Rise Up and Kick Ass.”

Elle Russ
Elle Russ is a writer, actor, and show host of The Primal Blueprint Podcast.

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The Disruption Zone – Ep 4: Acclaimed Actress and Author, Elle Russ on the Paleo Diet