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DZ Ep 64 – Without a Rallying Point, The Corona Virus Will Defeat America

Anyone who brings up the idea of reopening the American economy is immediately labeled a virus denier and accused of caring more about money than people’s lives. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are serious discrepancies in the statistics we’re getting from the Corona Virus, there is abundant conflicting information, there are vast difference in how the virus is playing out geographically. All of these issues lead us to question whether or not we’re on the right path to defeat the virus and save our economy. Many more people will die from the coming economic collapse than the virus could ever dream of killing. America desperately needs our leaders (mayors, governors, congresspeople, President) to establish rallying points, goals, benchmarks, for reopening society. If we don’t get hope soon, the virus will win this war.

Here’s some reference links for the numbers and issues I mentioned:

Leland Conway

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  1. Carol Cronen

    April 3, 2020

    Someone asked me once where I got some of my information…from you, when you were on WHAS!! That is, you do your research and homework…none of this Fake news!!
    You bring up a lot of good valid points, and make more sense than most in the media!!
    I’ve shared this but I know many will not read it!!

    Keep up the good work!!

DZ Ep 64 – Without a Rallying Point, The Corona Virus Will Defeat America