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DZ ep 143 – Rep Jason Nemes on the Governor’s Lack of Data for Covid Regulations

Rep Jason Nemes requested specific data from the governors office to back up the Covid regulatory decisions they were making. What they gave him will make you very angry. 

Rep Jason Nemes
State Representative

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  1. Colorado is a beautiful state..
    Very interesting discussion of a “data driven gov.” this podcast validates my thoughts on the whole damn thing.. I think teachers and school bus drivers should be first then bo excuse to open the schools…IMO ,important question ..How much Was Not spent by the schools since March of 2020…That is an important issue that has Never been addressed..

    • Leland Conway

      December 15, 2020

      It is a beautiful state and we love it out here, but Kentucky is its’ own special kind of beauty and it will always be home! That’s a great question about schools and I bet we never get any of that back right? Thanks for listening and appreciate your comments!