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DZ Ep 210 – Guns. The Most Important Human Right

There’s no question in my mind that the fundamental right to defend yourself and your family is the lynchpin of liberty. That lynchpin is under direct attack by the current president and leaders like him all across America. In the name of “fighting rising crime” caused by many of their own policies, they are putting forth regulations and legislation that are not designed to stop crime, but rather to punish law abiding citizens. One of those draconian and unconstitutional regulations is President Biden’s recent ban on so-called “ghost guns,” more accurately known as “privately made guns.”

In this conversation with the co-founder of a fantastic gun rights organization, Edgar Antillon of Guns for Everyone, you’ll discover why, even if you have little interest in building your own home made guns, you should absolutely care about the right to do so.

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Edgar Antillon
Founder, Guns for Everyone

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