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DZ Ep 17 – Senator Mitch McConnell Discusses Leadership In A Divided Nation

Americans have strong opinions, and over the last couple of election cycles, we’ve had no reluctance to voice them. But this isn’t the first time our nation has been divided, and we can still find common ground again – if we actually take the time to talk to each other.

This is why we invited the most powerful US Senator onto the Disruption Zone. Not because we agree with everything he’s done, but because we find leaders of this caliber fascinating, and because we want people to know that agree or disagree, we’re all just human beings.

Find out the hilarious and innovative way he won his first election, Student Body President at his high school in Louisville, and how the nation’s most powerful senator manages to lead in a starkly divided nation. From lessons on leadership and cooperation, to perseverance and determination, this is a non-political, up close and personal look at one of America’s most enigmatic leaders and the longest serving Senator in Kentucky history. Even if. you disagree with or dislike Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, it’s important that we understand that our leaders are humans. Connecting with this may be the first step toward a more productive Republican for our nation.

Senator Mitch McConnell
Senate Majority Leader

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  1. Senator McConnell, Why on earth are you wanting to get rid of SS & medicare? Thanks to Obama we lost everything in 2008! We lost our home our cars & every penny we had in the stock market! So if you get rid of SS & Medicare then we will die!! Is this worth balancing the budget! I want you to realize that there are millions of us who are in the same boat! I have voted & voted for you being a proud Kentuckian!!!

DZ Ep 17 – Senator Mitch McConnell Discusses Leadership In A Divided Nation