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DZ Ep 46 – Why is Gratefulness Such A Buzzword Lately?

Gratefulness is a huge buzzword in corporate and self improvement circles lately. Why? What should we be grateful for? How does it help us? Who are we grateful to? Leland and Cameron dive into this buzzword and find that gratefulness is seriously important component of a happy life and a successful life. Grateful to our Lord and savior, grateful to our friends, and even, in some cases, grateful for our enemies and the challenges we’ve overcome in life. Sometimes just being grateful can help us transform from a victim to a victor.

Leland and Cameron

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  1. The Grateful podcast was one of the best i have listened to. It has given me so much food for thought. You had me thinking about who were the people that had that kind of influence in my life that I should thank them. Thank you for all your effort and your willingness to do this every day.

    • Leland Conway

      March 6, 2020

      Thank you Kevin! It’s notes like this that keep us doing the podcast! Have a great day and thanks for listening. Please share the podcast with your friends.

DZ Ep 46 – Why is Gratefulness Such A Buzzword Lately?