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DZ Ep 160 – State Senator Adrienne Southworth Wants to Ban The State From Mandating Masks and Vaccines

Does the state have the right to tell you what you must wear? Does the state have the right to inject something into your body? Where does personal freedom end and the common wellbeing begin?

Senator Adrienne Southworth
Kentucky State Senator

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  1. Jim Patton

    February 21, 2021

    Heard you yesterday (Sat., 2/20) on 970 AM for the first time. I was just punching buttons on the radio and caught the end of your program. Not sure which one it was, but you and whomever you were talking to were talking about misinformation from the CDC and saying pretty much everything I believe re’ the Vaccine.
    I never knew what happened to you when you left WHAS, but I really enjoyed what little I caught of your program yesterday. I think it was around 1400 ET.
    This program with Sen. Southworth was also very good. I thank the Lord that we have people like her in our State Senate, and I will try to send her a msg and let her know.

  2. As an RN and a born again Christian, I understand biblical direction to follow our laws; however, wearing a mask and getting a vaccine are NOT laws. Illnesses and Viruses have been present forever. Without use of a mask. Orient born viruses have been brought to US; then China gets rich selling inefficient mask to us. 50% of the population aren’t wearing them correctly, so what is the point. Close businesses, close Churches,??. How is conducive in keeping people healthy? Isolation, loneliness, lack of sunshine, etc.lead to Better Health. Someone show me proof!!