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DZ Ep 22: CJ Hunt, The Perfect Human Diet

CJ Hunt died in 1978. So how is it that we are interviewing him on the Disruption Zone? It’s a long story, and it’s one you’re going to want to hear.

CJ Hunt is a film director, TV Personality and the director and producer of a film called “The Perfect Human Diet.” It’s the story of his journey from lying dead on a running track to being a fierce advocate for healthy foods and the truth about nutrition.

After being brought back by medical professionals only to find out that he had a heart condition that would probably kill him sooner rather than later, he simply chose not to accept the diagnosis and the fate that came along with it.

CJ intuitively knew that food is the best medicine, but which foods? His journey took him from vegetarian, to vegan and everything in between. But when he finally found the ancestral diet, or Paleo/Keto as it’s often called today, things finally began to click. Now in his sixties and healthier than most 20 year olds, let CJ Hunt walk you through how you could experience a brand new, healthier you simply by changing the way you eat.

Along the way we’ll dispel some myths, drop some new info and keep you entertained. Enjoy Episode 22 of The Disruption Zone, with CJ Hunt.

CLICK HERE to find out more about CJ and his work.

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DZ Ep 22: CJ Hunt, The Perfect Human Diet