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DZ Ep 90 – So, How Do You Feel About Contact Tracing?

Many current proposals for contract tracing involve using people’s phones to triangulate location in relation to people who have tested positive for COVID-19. While these programs currently being considered are “voluntary,” at least for now, other proposals are not.

For instance, many cities and states are considering forcing patrons of restaurants to give up their personal information and for the restaurant to document at which table they sat for their meal, in order to track people down in the event of an outbreak.

Are you ok with this new normal? The idea that the #VirusPolice could show up at your house and force quarantine you after a night out with friends simply because someone in the restaurant may have had COVID is unnerving to many people.

In this episode we discuss the many privacy implications related to contact tracing and whether it’s worth the cost in freedom for the minor amount of safety it may provide.

Shawn Tuma
Cyber Security Legal Expert

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DZ Ep 90 – So, How Do You Feel About Contact Tracing?