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DZ Ep 164 – Rep Andy Barr is Trying to Stop Operation Chokepoint 2.0

#CancelCulture is no longer a phenomenon confined to mushy young minds on college campuses, it’s now being exported throughout society and it’s even colluding with government regulators to use access to financial capital as a way to discriminate against and silence the political opponents of the left.

Kentucky’s 6th District Congressman, Andy Barr is working hard to bring awareness to this pressing issue and to try and stop it from coming to fruition. Don’t miss this important conversation about an issue that strikes at the very heart of freedom and Democracy.

Also, I’ll start off today’s show with a rant on Dr. Fauci, COVID misinformation and the slow walk back of the shutdowns.

Rep. Andy Barr
KY 6th District Congressman (R)

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