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DZ Ep 165 – CryptidCon’s Lee Kirkland on Ghosts, Bigfoot and Other Big Scary Things

My friend Lee Kirkland manages the show business careers of many of the people you see on TV following ghosts, Sasquatch, UFO’s and other paranormal phenomena. He’s a super down to earth guy from Anderson County Kentucky who’s seen a lot of things that remain unexplained. If you’ve ever encountered something that “goes bump in the night” and gave you the goosebumps, you’ll love this episode!

Also, we’ve all been cooped up at home way to long with this stupid pandemic, things are starting to open back up again so a great event to plan for is the upcoming CryptidCon in Lexington! Tons of fun, celebrities and crazy stories for all!

Lee Kirkland
CryptidCon Founder

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