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DZ Ep 27 – Rep Thomas Massie and the DC SwampMonster, Part 1

Leland Conway and Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) discuss what really goes on in DC. How the sausage is made so to speak. It’s shocking, when you dive into it, how dirty and nasty politics can be. Is this really how we want to run our country? Is it a necessary evil? Is there a will for more transparency? This episode re-posted with permission from News Radio 840WHAS.

Rep Thomas Massie
Congressional representative KY 4th District

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  1. Robert Reilly

    January 27, 2020

    Just listened to episode one and I can’t wait for more

  2. That was fascinating! I can’t wait to hear more!

  3. Robb Wallis

    January 28, 2020

    Miss your morning show on WHAS. Tony & Dwight are great, but it still isn’t Leland and Dave!

    • Leland Conway

      January 28, 2020

      Thanks! I’m embracing the change and looking forward to what’s next. Will keep you all posted!

  4. Thankful to find this conversation with congressma Massie. Don’t go far Leland!!

  5. Lisa Jo Gilkey

    February 1, 2020

    Great show Thank You Leland and I heart radio for letting him repost it! Love Thomas Massie wish he was my congressman! I do have Rand thou!

  6. Bill Karrer

    February 9, 2020

    Great series Leland and Thomas! Keep them coming. As County Judge Executives, Thomas and myself entered office at the same time. Being older and wiser than he, I said good riddance to government after four years. My observation being, “government, big waste of time and money”! Thomas, being a bit of a masochist, I fear, went to Washington. I did follow his lead when we built our new home and designed it to be solar powered. It is, and the only thing not electric is our gas stove. Unlike him, we did opt to pay our electric utility $20.00 a month to act as our back-up storage “battery”.

DZ Ep 27 – Rep Thomas Massie and the DC SwampMonster, Part 1